Visions for food justice in Moreton Bay

In May 2021, 30 participants from Moreton Bay region (in SE Qld) came together to imagine the future of food justice in their region.

Each scenario was generated through the intersection of two major drivers of change in the food system, and participants set out to describe how these changes might unfold over the next decade. In designing the scenarios, participants considered the following questions:

  • What is food?
  • How is food produced, and by whom?
  • What does food consumption look like?
  • Where is power located in the food system?
  • How is food justice achieved?

Once the scenario narratives were developed and fleshed out, participants were asked to consider a final question: How do we get here?

Four scenarios emerged: Grassroots sustainability; People and Place; Eco-social balance; and Techno-utopia

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