Publication: Asian development perspectives

In February 2019, I presented some early project findings to SDG policy makers and researchers at the UN Research Institute for Social Development’s conference on ‘Localising the SDGs through Social Solidarity Economy’, in South Korea. The paper has just been published in Asian Development Perspectives, the journal associated with the Yonsei University Institute for Poverty Alleviation and International Development.

The paper presents a sociological analysis of community ‘fair food’ initiatives in Brisbane, Australia as a means of expanding SDG2 Zero Hunger to encompass local priorities. Following the presentation of a broad typology of initiatives, the paper analyses selected case studies in terms of their: (a) personal and collective visions for future food systems, and (b) activities and outcomes related to food justice and food access. How do these place-based narratives connect to global sustainability goals? Findings indicate that more equitable food access is pursued in missions and activities that seek to build and connect (a) values of food justice, sovereignty, citizenship, farmer-consumer solidarity, empowerment and community control of food systems, with (b) solving practical problems associated with local ecological food production, reduction or redistribution of food waste, providing low-cost food to vulnerable groups, and restructuring finance. Scaling up to influence policy and financing remains a key challenge. These initiatives demonstrate significant synergies between ecological, social and economic values that are central to localising the SDGs.

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