Findings (I): 4 future scenarios, 4 pathways to transformative action

This project found that different futures are possible, with multiple scenarios available for reducing hunger and achieving food justice. These futures will be achieved by changing mindsets and practices to help communities and policy makers debate equitable pathways to achieve Zero Hunger, and help to improve policy participation from civil society.

We launched these findings online on 1 July to a wide audience of food advocates, policy makers and food ‘citizens’, in collaboration with the 2022 Global People’s Summit ‘Co-building a New Eco-Social World’. Academic papers exploring the scenarios and pathways in more depth are forthcoming.

Download ‘Fair Food Futures – A synthesis for Policy Action’, 1 July 2022

Published by uqkiahsmith

I am a Senior Research Fellow and sociologist in the School of Social Science, The University of Queensland. I lead an Australian Research Council-funded project 'Fair Food Futures, Civil Society and the Sustainable Development Goals'. I am passionate about people's participation in shaping Australia's response to the SDGs, and in progressing food justice in Australian food movements more generally.

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